Our first performance here was amazing. It was our second show of the year and we didn't know how the crowd would react to our sound. We stepped onto the stage ready to go and not knowing what to expect. However after we finished the first song the crowd erupted with applause,  and we then knew that the crowd came to rock with us. Our energy levels shot up, and song after song we were given an even bigger applause. After we came to the end of our set the crowd unanimously requested an encore, MYL through a quick glance to the host and was given the go ahead. We briefly discussed which song to play amongst ourselves and in an instant, dived straight into Don't Turn (Your Back On Me). The crowd's reaction throughout was incredible. People were bouncing and getting lost in our hybrid rap rock sound. When we departed the stage we were met with praise and requested to come back soon...

Watch this space ;)


On February 8th 2017 our debut single Chains was officially released. It depicts the intra-personal struggles that we all face each and everyday, and our desire to break free from them. 

Big thanks to Michael Clarke for recording and mixing, Symphonic for mastering, Ghost K for directing the video, our friends, families and fans for supporting us through everything.

We are so happy to be able to share this track with you, as it has been a crazy journey so far.

We love you all!


Recording the video for our upcoming debut single Chains took place in a quiet studio hidden away in Battersea. It was a day filled with excitement and nervousness. We arrived just after 8am and quickly got to work, moving items in and out of the studio, along with ensuring the kettle was boiled (priorities... We like our tea). At around 9am the director "Ghost K" arrived and after a few test shots we were ready to go. 

The shoot started off in the studio with the whole band performing together, before moving onto solo performances, the adrenaline was pumping; The time flew by and before we knew it, it was time for a light snack. During this interval we got a chance to review shots and engage in a nice conversation with Ghost K. Once refuelled, it was time for a wardrobe change and relocation. We switched our black and white apparel to white and black and proceeded into the stone decorated corridor. 

Ghost K, organised and efficient, instructed us to sit either side of the corridor. As we took our seats the coldness of the floor gave us quite a surprise, but we didn't allow that to sully our spirits, we had a video to shoot. The music started and the coldness was soon forgotten.Then just as quickly as the first half of the day went, the second half was over, the video shoot was finished. We had our first video...