RecordEd debut single "chains"

On a warm summers day, in an estate somewhere in Battersea... Okay, just kidding, we are not going to start telling a fairy tale story, but it was a Sunday and it was warm. We met our Sound Engineer Michael Clarke, at Fandanko Records (Michael is in fact the owner), which is where we recorded the single. He was very welcoming and offered us drinks and other confectionery before getting underway. We started off by laying down some draft vocals to a click, and then it was time for Josh to lock in the drums. MYL went second, Laura third, L.A.D fourth and finally Chase Cohen, that was day one. Over a period of 12 hours spread out across 3 days, Michael and ourselves worked diligently to fill and tighten up the mix to produce a track worthy of being a debut single.

Upon completion, we all sat together in the studio and proceeded to play it on loop. Our faces became dressed in smiles, our heads bobbed to the beat, our feet tapped rhythmically on the floor and our eyes filled with excitement and without saying a single word to each other, we knew we had nailed it. "Chains" was ready.