Performing an acoustic rendition of "Chains" to a 400+ audience at the Loose Cannon was a moment we shall never forget. L.A.D, MYL and Chase Cohen created the arrangement a couple of weeks before the performance, but felt something was missing. Then just like a light bulb being switched on, they all soon decided that audience participation was the missing piece to the puzzle. After a few adjustments the arrangement was ready, but there was now an uneasiness, what if the audience didn't participate...? 

On the night of the performance we took to the stage and began entertaining the audience like only All Change can. The audience was electric and we were feeding off of their energy! Everything was going even better than planned. As our performance was nearing the climax, Chase instructed the audience to begin chanting with us... They joined in, phase one complete! He then proceeded to phase two. He raised his hands above his head and began clapping, soon the room was filled with people chanting and clapping along, we were so amazed by how incredible it sounded, but we had to remain composed and finish off the performance. With all the uneasiness washed away we took the performance home with a good old fashioned call and response, "When I say All, you say Change". Once the performance was over the audience erupted with cheers and applause that echoed around the building.