Recording the video for our upcoming debut single Chains took place in a quiet studio hidden away in Battersea. It was a day filled with excitement and nervousness. We arrived just after 8am and quickly got to work, moving items in and out of the studio, along with ensuring the kettle was boiled (priorities... We like our tea). At around 9am the director "Ghost K" arrived and after a few test shots we were ready to go. 

The shoot started off in the studio with the whole band performing together, before moving onto solo performances, the adrenaline was pumping; The time flew by and before we knew it, it was time for a light snack. During this interval we got a chance to review shots and engage in a nice conversation with Ghost K. Once refuelled, it was time for a wardrobe change and relocation. We switched our black and white apparel to white and black and proceeded into the stone decorated corridor. 

Ghost K, organised and efficient, instructed us to sit either side of the corridor. As we took our seats the coldness of the floor gave us quite a surprise, but we didn't allow that to sully our spirits, we had a video to shoot. The music started and the coldness was soon forgotten.Then just as quickly as the first half of the day went, the second half was over, the video shoot was finished. We had our first video...